Save paper - save money and forests

The Shrink Paper Project shows how to reduce wasteful paper use.

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Join a powerful movement

Become a member of the European Environmental Paper Network.

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Global footprint

Even in the digital age, the paper industry's global footprint is enormous. Find the latest figures in the new
EPN - Report:

The state of the paper industry 2011


Making a tonne of paper from wood requires 98 tonnes of other resources.

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Paper Calculator

The paper calculator shows the environmental impacts of different paper across their full life-cycle.

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EU Ecolabel allows forest destruction

A report by our member organisation FERN reveals severe shortcomings in the EU's eco-labelling scheme for paper.

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Tools + Resources

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Save the Indonesian Rainforests

Member organisations of the European Environmental Paper Network are working together to stop paper products being sold in Europe that have come from forest destruction in Indonesia.

The Indonesian forests are the homes of communities of indigenous and other peoples whose livelihoods depend on forest resources. They are rich in biodiversity, including rare species such as Sumatran tigers, orang-utans, elephants and rhinos. Many of the remaining rainforests grow on deep peat soils, which release massive amounts of carbon when laid bare by logging and used for intensive tree production. The destruction of Indonesia’s forests and conversion to pulp plantations is therefore a huge social, environmental and climate disaster and working together to stop it is the EEPN’s top priority.

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