The first goal of our Global Paper Vision is to reduce paper consumption. Throwaway cups are an icon of wasteful paper use and many of our member organisations are campaigning together to eliminate them.

through-away-kreis-grau-schwarzer-randBillions of throwaway cups are used globally every year. This is wasteful and harms people, forests, water and the global climate.

Our ‘cupifesto’ is a manifesto calling on business leaders and politicians to stop encouraging a throwaway culture by ensuring all cups are reusable.

No throwaway cups!

An international day of action on throwaway cups is being held on 22 March 2017. See more here.

International Day of Action on Throwaway Cups

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Actions and campaigns by our member organisations

Stand’s Starbucks Campaign

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Robin Wood’s Backwerk Campaign

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Markets For Change, Australia

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China Environmental Paper Network (CEPN) at Qinglong County

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Green Henan, at Zhengzhou City, China

Green Longjiang, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

Green Camel Bell, Lanzhou City, China

Tropica Verde, Germany

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Ecodevelop, Germany

Links and resources on paper cups

Life cycle analyses of disposable versus reusable cups: