EPN People



Mandy Haggith is based in Scotland and is one of the EPN’s co-ordinators. She used to be an academic, but since 1997 she has been campaigning in support of people in forests, working freelance with organisations including CIFOR and Taiga Rescue Network. When she’s not working for the EPN, she sails and writes and in 2006 she did a global journey to find out where all the paper we use comes from, resulting in the book Paper Trails: From Trees to Trash – The True Cost of Paper. Her favourite thing about our Global Paper Vision is that it starts with the goal to ‘reduce global paper consumption’.

Sergio Baffoni lives between Berlin and Rome, and from there he is coordinating the European campaign to protect Indonesian rain-forests, run by the European Environmental Paper Network together with around 50 national and international organizations. He has worked from for Greenpeace as researcher and forest campaign coordinator, taking part in field expeditions and investigations on illegal logging in Africa, Amazon, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. He helped to establish Terra! a new grassroots organization in Italy, and created and still manages the forest portal http://www.rainforestnews.org.

Steering Commitee

Emmanuelle Neyroumande is based in France and is on the European EPN’s steering committee member. She has trained as forester and worked several years in Indonesia, before putting her passion at work in WWF France, andlater on WWF international. She is currently Wood Products Footprint and responsible consumption manager at WWF International. She also trained and practiced as a Life Coach and worked as an environmental consultant. When she is not working on forests, she reads, meditates and contemplates the beauty of nature.

Monika Nolle is based in Germany and is on the European EPN’s steering committee. She has worked on environmental, forest and human rights issues since 1987, when she founded ARA together with about 25 students. Global education and campaigns for fair, reduced and sustainable consumption/production are main fields of her activities. She is one of the initiators of the German paper network “Papierwende”. When she’s not working for ARA or steering the EEPN, she hikes through the forests with her dog, reads, cooks, enjoys life with her big family and friends. Her favourite thing about our Global Paper Vision is that this manifest with 140 supporting NGOs shows that we are a strong global network with a lot of energy to reform the paper world.

Peg Putt lives in Australia and is on the steering committee of EPN Europe. She is CEO of Markets For Change, has campaigned 35 years for forests, and is on the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women for Service to the Environment. She was a Greens Party MP from 1993-2008 and Leader for 10 years. Peg now works internationally on forests and climate. She was a defendant in the infamous but unsuccessful case brought by Gunns Ltd against leading Tasmanian environmentalists during their failed attempt to build a huge pulp mill there. When not campaigning for forests she plays with her young grandson. She loves that Global Paper Vision urges that endangered forests and high conservation value forests not be logged.

Peter Gerhardt is based in Germany and is on the European steering commitee. He has been an activist and campaigner since 1996 with focus on international social and environmental issues. Peter conducted successful campaigns that linked transnational cooperations like Procter&Gamble, IKEA, Aracruz or Asia Pulp and Paper to environmental destruction. He is the director of denkhausbremen, an organisation that works to ensure a fair distribution of the global resources. When he is not working or steering the EPN he likes to survive in that lovely chaos created by family and friends. His favourite thing about the Global Paper Vision is that the Vision is challenging wasteful paper consumption.

Richard Wainwright is based in England and is on the European EPN’s steering committee. He has worked on environmental and human rights issues since 2000. He is the communications manager for Fern, an organisation that works to ensure human rights and forest-related issues are part of EU policy making. When he’s not working for the Fern or steering the EEPN, he reads, writes, travels, parents and enjoys the world. His favourite thing about our Global Paper Vision is the vast number of signatories, showing that a wide variety of disparate organisations all agree on where the paper industry should be going.