About EPN international


The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) is a civil society movement promoting sustainable practices in the pulp and paper industry. It  consists of more than 120 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from 6 continents that are signatories to the Global Paper  Vision.

EPN internationally was formally known as the European EPN (EEPN).

Our objectives are:

  • to share information about the pulp and paper industry and their impacts in Europe and beyond
  • to promote the Global Paper Vision and its implementation by the industry, governments, financers and paper consumers.

Any non-governmental organisation that shares our vision is welcome to endorse it and become part of this growing network of activism towards more sustainable paper production and consumption.


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EPN international steering group

The member organisations currently serving on the international Steering Group of the Environmental Paper Network are ARA (Germany), FERN (UK/Brussels), denkhausbremen (Germany), Luonto-Liitto (Finland), Markets for Change (Australia), Jikalahari (Indonesia), Wetlands International and WWF International.                                           

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Our member organisations

Our members are all non-profit organisations working together to achieve sustainable change in the paper industry and to reduce paper consumption. They are European or international organisations that have endorsed the Global Paper Vision or organisations that endorsed our earlier Common Vision for Transforming the European Paper Industry. A full list of signatories of the […]

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Become a member

Join a powerful movement Become a member of the Environmental Paper Network. Plug your organization into a network of experts, resources, and a collective membership of    NGOs from around the world to power up your work for a more sustainable paper industry and reduced paper consumption. All members are independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations. All members […]

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