Our vision

Our vision
The Environmental Paper Network’s core document is our Global Paper Vision, a powerful statement of a future where paper production and consumption is socially and environmentally sustainable. Published in June 2014, it has been endorsed by more than 120 organisations on six continents.

It expresses 7 priorities:

Reduce global paper consumption and promote fair access to paper

Maximise recycled fibre content

Ensure social responsibility

Source fibre responsibly

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Ensure clean production

Ensure transparency and integrity


The vision is here: Global Paper Vision

The European Environmental Paper Network originally formed through a collaborative process during 2005 to create a Common Vision for Transforming the European Paper Industry (which formed the basis of the Global Paper Vision). The European vision was launched in Frankfurt in January 2006. A similar vision and network were developed in North America (see environmentalpaper.org) and China (see environmentalpaper.cn)

The Global Paper Vision is available in EnglishChinese, Portuguese & Russian.

Non-profit organisations that endorse the Global Paper Vision can become a member of the Environmental Paper Network.