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The Environmental Paper Network’s core document is our Global Paper Vision, a powerful statement of a future where paper production and consumption is socially and environmentally sustainable. Published in June 2014, it has been endorsed by more than 120 organisations on six continents.

It expresses 7 priorities:

  1. Reduce global paper consumption and promote fair access to paper
  2. Maximise recycled fibre content
  3. Ensure social responsibility
  4. Source fibre responsibly
  5. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Ensure clean production
  7. Ensure transparency and integrity

The Global Paper Vision PDF
The vision can be found here:

Global Paper Vision

Next to the  English Version, the Global Paper Vision is also available in Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Russian.

The Future of Paper

This Video is also availible in Chinese and German.



Some frequently asked questions about the vision, and explanation of some of the terms in it is here: EPN Global Paper Vision 2014 FAQ

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Any non-profit organisation that endorses the Global Paper Vision can become a member of the Environmental Paper Network.

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