Pulp mill finance


One of the aims of the international Environmental Paper Network is to stop irresponsible investment in unsustainable pulp and paper mill developments.

We co-ordinate the work of our member organisations who are engaging with investors and others in the financial world to ensure that their decisions are well-informed and take into account all the relevant likely impacts of developments, from their fibre sources to their human rights implications.

Our priority areas include scrutinising investment into Indonesian pulp developments, and engaging with the Chinese financial sector.

In early 2014 the European EPN (now EPN international) held a meeting in the Netherlands to discuss campaign strategies among network member organisations. Around 40 people from 16 countries gathered and agreed to work together to communicate clear principles for avoiding irresponsible and risky investment in pulp mills. We also talked about several specific ‘dodgy deal’ mill proposals, around which some of our member organisations are running campaigns, in Indonesia, Australia and Russia. Since this meeting, we have become a formal partner of BankTrack and have established, with them, a working group on pulp finance.

Pulp Finance documents

Pulp Finance strategy meeting summary
Letter to Export Credit Agencies about Indonesian pulp risks
Letter to Banks about investment in Asia Pulp and Paper’s proposed mill in Indonesia
Joint Statement from NGOs on Stopping Irresponsible Investment in Tasmania

Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion – full document

Mapping Pulp Mill Expansion – summary

Green Paper, Red Lines

Green Paper Red Lines, Chinese translation

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