Paper Saving Tips


There are a lot of opportunities for saving paper.


One of the best things you can do to reduce paper waste at home is to take steps to reduce unwanted or ‘junk’ mail. (scroll down for suggestions on how to Junk the junk!). Simple ways to save paper at home In the kitchen, ensure you have plenty of washable cloths handy, and use them […]

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Saving paper in the office – There are many easy ways for individuals and businesses to reduce their paper use and costs. Reductions of 20% or more are possible in most offices. Want to know example of what other companies did to save paper and money? Visit our Shrink Paper Case Study Page. Think before […]

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Paper is a really useful material at school, but it is still good to find ways to avoid wasting it. Many of the tips for offices (see here) apply to schools too, like not printing single-sided and using the blank side of waste paper for scribbling notes on. Teachers can take care to photocopy handouts […]

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Reducing the use of paper in packaging – Let’s make one thing clear from the start: Paper Saving in general and the Shrink project in particular is not advocating that companies should shift from paper to plastics or other materials, unless by doing so they can prove they have reduced their ecological footprint. We are […]

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Our favourite tips for saving paper and costs: Technology Today’s information and communication technologies provide many opportunities for businesses to function with far less paper. Thinner Paper The thickness of paper we use makes a big difference both in terms of cost as well as the amount of paper used. Re-use Paper Tips on how […]

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