EPN international is engaged in a number of international projects to reach our vision of a socially and environmentally sustainable paper production and consumption.

Below you can find a description of our biggest projects.

For more applicable information about paper saving, best practices and our resource section, please visit our Tools and Resources page.

 Tools and Resources

Indonesian rainforest paper

Member organisations of the Environmental Paper Network are working together to stop paper products being made that involve forest destruction and social conflict in Indonesia.   The Indonesian forests are the homes of communities of indigenous and other peoples whose livelihoods depend on forest resources. They are rich in biodiversity, including rare species such as […]

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Paper Vapour – Paper’s Carbon Emissions

Paper’s Carbon Emissions Paper has a surprisingly big carbon footprint. Although paper is based on a renewable resource, a discussion paper published by the European EPN in 2013 shows that the way paper is produced and used may result in more green house gas emissions than global aviation. You can read and download the discussion […]

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Pulp mill finance

One of the aims of the international Environmental Paper Network is to stop irresponsible investment in unsustainable pulp and paper mill developments. We co-ordinate the work of our member organisations who are engaging with investors and others in the financial world to ensure that their decisions are well-informed and take into account all the relevant […]

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Paper Saving

Paper saving is a high priority of the Environmental Paper Network. Reducing paper consumption is the first goal of our Global Paper Vision, and the best way to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts that paper can cause.     Our campaigns Many of our member organisations are campaigning against wasteful paper use, from […]

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